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IGATE-BRgsm2 device is made for remote steering of one executive device through mobile phone network (one remote channel). It was made for free and easy remote steering of entry gate or barrier of authorized people by using their mobile phone or home phone numbers. IGATE-BRgsm2 is not descoping the usage of remote pilots or cards. Steering is global, restricted by GSM network. BRgsm2 is also well prepared for remote control of gas ovens, air conditioners, lights, car heating systems, immobilization of a car, remote reset of computer devices, using a text message command in which, user may include time of start.

IGATE-BRgsm2 contains industrial GSM module, which must have an active mobile phone simcard of any cellular operator. Configuration of the controller may be done by remote text message commands, mobile app iGATE smart (iOS) and iGATE smart (Android) or locally by computer software v.1.21. There are two versions: “light” for up to 10 users, and “full” for up to 2000 users.

Primary device functions

Remote control of joints of executive relay (opening the gate)
Remote control is done by mobile phones, which numbers have been written on the list of authorized devices and which have active presentation of theirs number. It can be done by:

Free CLIP (short, signal, bolt)
Making a free herald of connection (“CLIP”) on your BRgsm2 simcard number. Device instantly after receiving signal of coming connection (“bell”), discards the connection (busy line), analysis if the number is authorized and it controls the executive transmitter.

Sending a specified text message for given simcard number of BRgsm2. Device picks up the text message and it controls the executive transmitter. It’s not free, charge is given by your mobile operator.

Short call
Making a short, paid call for a given number. Device hangs up and after 1 second it discards it, analysis if the number is authorized and controls the executive transmitter. It’s not free, 2 second call charge is given by your mobile operator.

IGATE SMART – mobile app for steering and managing

iGATE smart is a new version of mobile app for smartphones with Android and iOS operation system. It is avaiable in English, German and Polish language.

Primary App functions:
Remote controller (screen REMOTE)
User management (screen USER MANAGEMENT)

Steering is done by pressing a buttons on the screen of smartphone. It makes free herald of connection (“CLIP”) or sends text message on your iGATE simcard number. User can create and add the sample of text message to the every buttons.
iGATE smart mobile App doesn’t use a GPRS, Wi-FI, Bluetooth or NFC transmission.
Features for user of REMOTE screen

Features for user of USER MANAGEMENT screen




Device Configuration Guide

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